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tv   Today in Washington  CSPAN  October 27, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a hurricane 6 category? i don't know earth earthquakes. they were screaming and yelling in these small town parades. it's a personal thing with this president. i respect everything you said. it feels very different. if you are a jew from l.a. or in peria, it's different. >> we are out of time. thank you. [applause] >> coming up next, last night's debate between governor candidates in south carolina. then it is washington journal
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live with your phone calls. later, the congressional oversight panel looks at efforts to prevent mortgage foreclosures. flu find out content any time through the video library. we take c-span on the road with our digital bus and content vehicle. now available in more than 100 million homes, created by cable and provided as a public service. presenting the 2010 south carolina gubernatorial debate.
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jo we are pleased to have the two major party candidates that seek to become south carolina's 116 governor. first the republican candidate,
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nikki [applause] >> tonight's debate will consist of five rounds. the first four will consist of
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questions from our media round. in rounds four and five, i will ask questions submitted. in rounds two and three, the president from the campus will ask a question. the other candidate then gets 45 seconds. a coin toss determined which candidate goes first. robert has a question for ms. haley. >> what would you do to cut the guj et considering a large amount of the budget is medicaid. >> there is a great opportunity that we have a billion dollar
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deficit. any time a business goes through the hardest time, they make the best advancement. we have to start with zero and work our way up. we have to look at stream lining what we have to have. when it comes to education, we are too top heavy. tomb administrators and not enough of the dollar is going to the teachers in the classroom. we have to do certain reforms by the end of the year and get that done. this is about taking the tinlt of saying what do we have to have. we'll privatize the school bus center and create the opportunity to which we can have the private sector do it better
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and have a stronger government because of it. >> the key is to have some specifics. we can't have the accounting departments and human resource departments and the board operating in administrative functions. it has to be folded and stream lined. this is a great opportunity to shift the way we think about budgeting as well. this is the year to do it. the budget requires the legislature to give objective criteria. if an agency can't give us the criteria to measure it by, we can't have that program. we have limited dollars, we have to be smart in how we spend them.
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>> u.s. transportation pointed to the state infastructur bank. as foreigner, will you support that? >> i will. i do. let me step back and say thank you to francis marion and coastal for hosting us. i especially want to thank my wife amy who has been with me for the last year and a half and 15 years of our marriage. i'm exited to have the bank modelled on south carolina. secretary la hood said they node a governor who supports i 73 we have to have a governor who will
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convene the other governors who will have an input i will do that. we have to have a governor who will support the creation this is the difference between my opponent and myself. we have to explore all of these to make i 73 a reality. the next next secretary ever transportation, when i appoint him or her will be on the same page. thousands and thousands of jobs. when i have the opportunity to vote, i 73, i have. my opponent voted this year and
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would have allowed for. if we are serious about it. we'll have to partner with the government to make that. >> i have always been a supporter of i 73 and always will be. >> when companies come to south carolina, they look for three things i did not support the toling of i 73. my opponent is exactly right. we differ on this. i will go to our tell gags i do
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not support toling. >> how will the state provide funding for i 73 if we are not going to increase the gas tax and not going to support toling, the state will have to provide some funds to it. >> senator, i don't believe in taxes like you do. >> you bring to bring federal money. i am trying to answer the question. this is not just about $100 billion. we can't earmark that to death and wait every year to get another hundred million.
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this is where delegation has to decide we have to have it. but we are not going to become a part of the huge national bill. that taxes everybody for everything. we have to be smart about this. i will work directly with the delegation and not do ranked document taxes or earmarks and make sure we do everything right. i 73 will be a reality. >> she always starts out with mandate. she throws it in when the question doesn't relate to it because she likes to distract people from what we are talking about. >> you have to have some specifics. here is some. number one, we ought to have a federal infa structure bank. how are we going to do it?
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>> i can tell you what should be on the table? toling will be on the table and public-private partnership should be on the table. i agree. we need to be honest. it was the sun news that said you support obama care. the question was about i 73. i support it and will make sure we get it.
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do you think there needs to be a different standard? >> if i get the law, they will sign it. arizona did what they had to arizona allows them to come in and take the illegals when given the opportunity to fund illegal
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immigration he didn't fund it. it has been said we have gangs of drug car tell. i am not going to wait for us to become victims of the progress. while we are a country of immigrants, we are a country of laws the focus is cracking down on employers. if we enacted arizona's bill, it would weaken the bill, i won't support that.
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i do believe law enforcement should be able to call in authorities we need to worry about south carolina because i'm running for south carolina the bill requires them to go with tlaning. two years ago, we did have the strongest bill in the state. we need to support it. >> voice of our voter question right now comes from jeff gardener. what are you going to do about the current job market especially in the pd region, the
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northeastern part of the state. it seems all the new jobs are going to other parts of the state, what are you going to do to chinaing that? >> thank you for that. i represent one of the counties in pd. i know well that the pd has been ignored by this administration. my commitment is the same i make to the rest of south carolina. that is that you will have a governor who will travel this nation and world to recruit jobs and industry back into our state. it is not good enough to sit back and see what will happen. i will push jobs just like i will for the rest of the state. >> between the commerce department and local development offices. >> i spent the last years to learn about what they need to be successful. i want to be that governor who
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believes it's the governor's top priority. and help to reform our tax code. we have a very con voe looted tax code. i voted against an act passed years ago which put a burden on tax on small business including the pd. i want the pd to be a part of our plan. counties like marion cannot survive having 18% and 19% unemployment. i'm committed to this area just like i am committed to the rest of this state. >> while we have 11% unemployment. we also have 54,000 open jobs that our businesses need to fill. they are going out of state and out of country to get it. >> when we bring in jobs, we want to bring in good quality
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jobs. when you give businesses cash flow, the first thing they do is hire people. we have to take care of small businesses through a good business environment. the bill he is referring to gave a 60% tax relief for primary homes. i voted for that. he voted against that. the way to get to businesses and to support businesses through worker's comp reform. you cap non-medical advances. you give small businesses cash flow and bottom lines. >> senator, i'd like to talk about the looming state budget crisis. if it is not possible to cut without eliminating entire state agencies, that leaves raising taxes of some kind to prevent
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massive cuts or is any kind of tax increase off the table. my opponent has talked about raising theified tax. that's the wrong approach to have. she'll deny it now. >> we can't a forward to raise taxes on working south carolinians. there were cut this is year. we'll still see difficult times ahead. my opponent is running a tv commercial accusing me of raising taxes on families. if raising cigarette tax is raising tax on families, that's a problem.
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i'm not afraid to do what is rig right to make sure people who are criminals would keep coming in. i don't think we can afford to continue raising taxes it is all about dollars going to teachers and student. we are spending $100 a year to educate a child in this state we are only graduating one out of
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every two kids. it's about bringing good, quality jobs for this state. i wasn't just talking about raising taxes on cigarettes, you've raised taxes n a lot of things. i will make sure when we come out of this, we are better in the end. >> one of the weirdest things about this campaign is her insistence of saying things that are not true. last night she said there are 1100 employees, today is there is 1,000. there's 88 # and half of them are bus mechanisms. it's important to talk the truth >> there are 119 employees in
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the department of education. >> i asked today how many employees there were. it gets old hearing people say are things that are not true. >> the budget is for 1179 employees and that's what we are paying for. >> they don't because they have cut back. >> can we agree that it is tomb too many. i want to you talk specific and tell me which positions we need to let go. we have 16 to 17-year-old school buses. the system, if you ever looked
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into it. when you privatize, they hire your school bus people so we don't have to maintain. it's more efficient. you don't believe in more dollars going to the clasz room. you voted against moving the percentage from 65% as opposed to the 55%. >> my understanding is that 70% of the dollar goes to the classroom right now. >> the amendment, you voted against. >> [inaudible] >>
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>> how will that preserve jobs and create new ones? >> i have had an opportunity to talk to a lot of presidents of school boards across the state w. he need to acknowledge first where is the problem coming from. right now, we fund colleges based on football tickets, alumni and lobbiests in the state house. i want to make sure when we fund the schools, just send them the money. don't tell them how to spend it. francis marion is not like clemson. at the end of the year, go to measurables. what is in state versus out of state. what did you do for economic develop. . at that point, take those to the legislate your and say that's how you fund a college. those colleges that did great,
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great. . it's better for the taxpayer, puts more control in the hand of the college and allows students and families to feel better about the tuition they are paying. >> i don't think we need to abolish all of the boards of trustees. this is an important role to play. we have in this state, disininvested in higher education. the result has been a doubling and tripling of tuition. the next governor has to make a commitment over the long term, we will commit a higher percentage of the state budget to higher education to make sure our students have the best opportunities to suck sowed and grow this economy. colleges and universities will
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have to tighten their belt. thank you. next question to senator. >> you support the new insurance program swept in by the president's healthcare reform including the part that requires the state to pay an extra $20 pillon in health insurance to its employees. how would you propose that the state pay for this extra millions in coverage? >> i don't support unfunded mandates on state government or on individuals. i don't support any increase burden placed on small businesses. if there are increased burdens, the federal government ought to pay for it. i will advocate strongly. there is a difference between myself and my candidate. i believe it's important that young children born with preexisting skbs are covered. that's a good thing. my nephew. mister is here today. david was born with a heart
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defect. they were lucky enough to vo an insurance policy. there are thousands of kids out there who aren't. i believe in my christian faith deeply, that what we do for the least of these, we do for him. i couldn't look you in the face if i didn't support allowing people withpre skiflting skns or to the woman with breast cancer. to the candidate, this is a political game and political football. there are things i don't like, as governor i will stand up against them. if there are gh things like kwofring preexisting skns for children or good things like women with breast cancer who
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won't get kicked off their policy, we have to make these things work. >> you karnt split the cow. it will cost the people $1 billion. it will cost you $700 or 2.5% of your income. i will not only fight this mandate but get a coalition of governors saying we do not support this. let uz pass tort reform that goes to a looser pay system and caps on damages. what we need is to lue agencies to cross state line. obama care is not something you can support. you can't say you like parts and not other parts. we are stuck with the whole cow and have to fight it become to the supreme court. >> we need a governor to be able
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to say when things are good or bad and is able to stand up to bad things. i'm willing to stand up to mandates and i will. >> the next question from the student government president here majoring in education. your request is for the representative. >> first on behalf of the stu didn't body legislation, thank you for being here. as a student in college, i have typical debts and a part-time job. when i graduate, i will have student loans to repay. i understand how important a batchler's degree is. what i would like to know is what specifically you plan to do that will benefit south people in south carolina like myself.
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>> first of all, shayla, thank you for having us. we have a lot of graduates who aren't finding jobs. it's so important that we recruit good jobs to this state. we sdont need a boeing every 20 years. we need them more often. i asked how many of your contracts you have are going to south carolina businesses? they said 91%. . .
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>> i will make you proud of your leadership again. i want you to also know that i am committed to create a division of of entrepreneurship and small business within the department commerce with the existing staff we have. other states have done this. it can reach out and help young people starting businesses, so business plans can link you into finance opportunities. i want to offer an opportunity to young entrepreneurs in south carolina because they really are the future of the state. i'm proud of you. stay here. >> thank you, senator.
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robert has the next question for representative haley. >> you just mentioned bowling. you have been critical of the incentives. where do you stand on offering big companies incentives to get here like the state did with bmw and boeing. if you're against those, how would you attract jobs? >> we are not against incentives. like a business plan, it is a cost-benefit analysis. not only is going here for the long term, they will expand. we are already talking about expanding. but 91% of their contracts are going to south carolina businesses. that needs to be negotiated on the front end. we need to know that it is our small businesses benefiting from the big corporations, and we need to make sure we bring in good quality corporations that will stay here. not just bringing them here, but once they stay here and make sure that we are making them up with technical colleges so that they're getting skilled work force, we do not want to bring
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in companies that take away south carolina business. and we have seen retail outlets and things like that come in. i will always vote against things that take away from south carolina's small businesses and support things that bring in more jobs and help small businesses in south carolina. >> mr. sheheen? >> i will aggressively use businesses -- i will aggressively incentivize businesses in south carolina. right now we have been allowing other states to writ -- to out- recruits south carolina. right now we are the best thing that other states have going for them. i am going to change that. i was there to vote for the boeing incentive package because i thought was it -- i thought it was the most important economic development vote we had in a generation. i was there, representative haley did not show up to vote that day. boeing has the potential to spin off thousands of jobs across the state, up in the midland's in kershaw county were i live.
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i aggressively use economic incentives to be an economic recruiter for south carolina. >> next question is from jackie torok to senator sheheen. >> senator, there have been calls for the state legislator to recused themselves -- to recuse themselves. how can you insure this will not be a conflict of interest when it comes to workers' compensation? >> once i am governor, i will not be practicing law anymore. right now we have a part-time legislature where we have occupations -- i happen to practice law, niki taylor worked as an accountant and worked for a government cost -- and nikki haley worked as an account and work for a government hospital it. i recused myself went ethics laws tell me i'm supposed to. for example, i recused myself
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when working for -- it is important that we have a -- mickey has accused me of suing the state of the time. the truth is, those cases that she refers to are really cases where my law firm was defending. i have been proud that members of my law firm defended the fact, i believe there are two of those clients here. i did not know them when they're case was going on. can you stand up? their land was taken by the government, and they didn't hire me but they hired a member of my firm to defend them. they worked their whole life to build a small business, and my understanding is that they hired by law firm, at my law firm defended them when their government -- when the government came to take their land. i am proud of that. i'm not going to apologize for that my opponent likes to bash on me for being a lawyer. i would rather to be -- i would rather be a successful lawyer
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then an accountant who did not pay her taxes. >> ms. haley? >> he is successful, all right. in the first two years of being the senate, he became the fifth highest paid attorney in workman's comp cases. not only does he vote on the budget to give workers comp, not does -- not only does he work on subcommittees' behind the scenes, he doesn't ask for jobs from the state, work ensues businesses on the worker's comp commission, and that is the reason he actually sues our taxpayers and represents our taxpayers at the same time. he's a very successful trial lawyer. he has made lots of money doing that. what i do think needs to happen -- and let it to the issue -- his lawyer legislator. they should not be allowed to sit on committees for workers' comp commissions. we need to make sure they cannot vote their hands and bowed their pockets. he has made hundreds of thousands of dollars by being a
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lawyer legislator. that is one great part-time job. >> if i could respond to that -- nikki haley, before she was elected to the legislature, did not have a job. she had not got work in her own town a -- she then got work in her own county in a government hospital. she then got work with a contract with the state government. it gets old listening to her preach to me when i have followed ethics laws. when she had jobs like wilbur smith when she was asked in a debate if she recorded the income, -- if she reported the income, she misled the public. you cannot point the finger at someone who has followed the rules and ethics laws of south carolina when you did not. >> senator, you spend 80% of your advertising dollars attacking me, and every ethics commission has said i have done nothing wrong. i did have a great job working for my family's business, which they have had for 37 years. they are the heart for america and the reason i'm running for
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governor. i worked for a hospital as an existent -- as an assistant executive director. i have never made money off the state, nor did i work for a company that made money off the state. i never once was involved with state contract at all. once again, i would ask you to stay on the issues. i think you have had a great time targeting me, but all you have done is misinform the public, and there is something very wrong with that. for someone who cares a lot about trust, you really have some issues there. >> let's go to the next question. >> i think it's important we do that. >> rusty ray, to representative hayley. >> year after year, south carolina ranks near the top four the number of women killed by men in domestic violence situations. can you say what steps you would take, that you could take as governor, to help reduce this number and these crimes? >> it is something that is very sad.
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that is not something we want to be involved in. the attorney-general has done a masterful job at really trying to bring attention to this. we have to continue to have centers that help these women get out of the situation. i have talked many times about bringing faith-based organizations to take care of so many of the things that we have in south carolina that need help -- whether it is poverty areas, after school areas or tutoring -- is also going to be to help women and those bad situations, and counseling. it does not take government dollars to do that, but domestic violence is something we need to take very seriously. we need to understand that as long as we have women out there suffering or men out there suffering, we cannot stop until they have the support system they need to get them out of the situation, to strengthen law enforcement and give the crimes to people who do those cases.
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>> i understand it firsthand. we need to put stiff penalties on domestic violence and make sure that we break that cycle. it is a very real cycle, and that includes penalties that require domestic violence counseling, including penalties that require jail sentences for repeat offenders. it includes dale centers -- jail sentences for violent offenders. we have to include for low-level offenses some level of education. >> our next question comes from taylor eubanks. he is a senior political science mentor -- major from -- the question is for senator sheheen. >> thank you to the candidates for being here this evening. i'm very concerned with the future of higher education in the state . as governor, what are your plans to address issues that of all
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around colleges and universities in the state? >> i think you very much for being here today and i hope you will remain in south carolina as well upon graduation. i have some specific elements i think need to be followed in the future. number 1, over the next four years, as our budget increases, as we see revenue growth, as the economy turns around, we have to commit a higher percentage of that higher education. over 10 years we have seen that support steadily declined. i also think we need to have a more coherent system of higher education. it makes no sense to me that classes taken at one public college cannot be transferred to another public college. many can, but some cannot. we need to streamline that process. the commission that has the ability to do long-range planning, to put into place plans along with the colleges and universities that will move us forward in a coherent, strategic manner, instead of each college and university
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going its own way. we have seen excellent leadership of the president here, the president at coastal, and institutions around the state. we need to tie it all together and work with the commission on higher education to remove the state forward. thanks again for being here. again, stay in south carolina. thank you. >> ms. haley? >> biggest thing we can do for colleges and universities is deregulate them, not have columbia tell them how to spend their money. make sure they can do what they need to do to keep it strong. at the state level, each college and university has to have their own business plan. giving them the money and then at the end of the year asking them -- but tuition rates, dollars in the classroom, and what they did for economic development. those four measure robles will give each student the ability. they know if they do not hit those achievements, and that they will be challenged and
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incentivized. it will also allow us to give bragging rights. the focus on higher education will be when the trust of the taxpayer is back in their hands. the state will more likely be to give them money. -- the state will more likely give the money. >> robert has the next question for senator sheheen. >> as we all know, south carolina has a lot of problems, and related, from poverty, unemployment, high crime. what is the biggest single problem facing our state, and what would you do about it? >> the biggest single problem is the unemployment rate in south carolina. we historically had a low unemployment rate, below or at the national average for 25 years. over the last several years in this administration, we have had a big spike in unemployment. we do not have the funds to fund public education, to do the necessary core funds of state
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government -- the necessary core functions of state government, and my commitment to this state is that the next governor, me, vincent sheheen, will spend his time recruiting jobs and industry into south carolina. when i look at all the many problems we have -- poverty higher than the national average, tuition costs for education that is the highest in the southeast. we have many issues relating to crime. we have many issues in south carolina. one thing i have learned in the last year and a half, the one thing i have learned is that people in this state still believe we can do it. if we believe we can do it and we have a leader with a vision, that can bring us together, we can do it. i am going to be that type of governor. we can do it again, ladies and gentlemen. >> ms. haley? >> robert, i talked to a company that interviewed 100 people and
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of the hundred people they interviewed, half of them could not read or write properly. the half that were left failed drug tests. we have a cultural problem in south carolina we have to acknowledge. we will always work on economic development, but we have to work on what are the cultural issues that we have in the state, and that is why you will see me bring a huge faith-based coalition. we will have a state-wide community plan on how we will go into these poverty-stricken areas. we'll go in there and do preschool programs, mentor programs, job-rattling programs. this is when someone is unemployed, and they have a hard time, they will have a community they're ready to help them. when some child is there that is not successful, we'll have a mentor to show them what they can be. it will be through that faith- based organization that we will do that to tackle the cultural
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problems in the state. >> jackie torok, next question, to representative hayley. >> the state ethics committee as -- the state ethics commission has said you did not have to disclose the money for consulting work, and you did not do that at first. how do you reconcile that with your plans for full disclosure? >> i have not done this all my life. for to do years i was part of the voice votes. but then i realized there was a lot of risk -- wasteful spending and legislators were not pushing to get their vote. the same thing happen with income disclosures. every year i would sit down with an ethics attorney and say which of this do i need to disclose. i always disclosed what was inappropriate. the ethics commission will tell you i did no wrong doing. but when i saw how much every legislator had to go through, i saw that was a wrong that needed to be right. so i said that every legislator
6:47 am
should have to disclose their sources of income. not the dollar amount, but their sources of income. i felt like south carolina policy would start to move in a way that helped the people and businesses of the state and not the pockets of the legislators. i will tell you that while i went and disclosed in, did not have to dispose after i filed that bill, senator sheheen has yet to disclose his clients, and he says lawyers should not have to do that, but in congress every lawyer discloses their clients and that is something that should happen. it's a good way of seeing exactly what those resources are. so what you saw me do, was i saw a wrong and made it right, like i saw voice votes that were a problem in the state, and now i have pushed policy that we have recorded votes in on the record. >> most troubling is that nikki haley at the end of the primary was asked, "have you disclosed all your income because i have heard you have done some work
6:48 am
for wilbur smith?" she looked in the camera and said, "i have disclosed it all." i have released 10 years of my tax returns. representative haley has not given a copy of her tax returns to anybody. i cannot disclose all the clients i have in south carolina because i would get disbarred, and representative haley knows that as well. what is public record, at any dollars that she talked about tonight. i think it is important that we do what we said. >> thank you, mr. sheheen. rusty ray's next question is to senator sheheen. >> we talk about crime one more time. each year, statistics rank the community like florence and some terror among others as having some of the highest per capita -- and sumter, among others, as having the highest per capita
6:49 am
crime rate. what can you do to help fight crime in smaller cities and communities in south carolina and perhaps raise community awareness about prevention of those crimes? >> for a time i was -- we have to beef up our police forces. we are operating our highway that were there decades ago, at least a decade ago. we have a difficult budget contract right now, we have to commit law enforcement, maintaining law enforcement this year and growing officers in the long term. i also think we need to look at other alternative sentencing programs for nonviolent offenders. an incredible amount of money it takes to lock up violent offenders. we need to have alternative programs like drug core that can help them beat their problems while punishing them and also saving the taxpayer dollars. violent criminals have to be put
6:50 am
away. they have to be put away and the sentences should be tough. we need more law enforcement out there. i have worked closer with law enforcement and will continue to do so. >> i have always said government was intended to -- we have to make sure that we get our sheriff's and law-enforcement everything that they need. that is a priority in south carolina. that is a part of the budget we cannot cut, we should not cut, we should not see it drop. we have to give them what they need. this is about safety, about them being able to do their jobs and strengthen them. i will maintain a strong relationship with our sheriff's department. a strong relationship with our law enforcement team. that is one thing that we never compromise. >> time now for our final voice of the voter question. "with republicans letting the economy's slide in the ditch and democrats driving it down further, why should we trust either of those parties?
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both make promises, neither have delivered." for this question, both candidates will have 30 seconds to answer. >> i think kevin is right. i think both parties have let the him down. i think republicans have made mistakes and the democrats made mistakes, and i think through that, the birth of the tea parties came. the key parties are not a party at all, they're republicans, democrats and independents who have had enough. what i love to see is that as we go across the state, look across this country, i have never seen people more spirited about their government and elected officials so scared. it's a beautiful thing. it needs to stay that way. that is the way to make things accountable to the people. that is what my movement has been about. making sure that government knows the value of the dollar and making sure that jobs and the economy come first. it is something that we'll go to kevin, to the people of this state and this country, and it
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is why we are seeing the excitement and the spirit come alive again to the people who have found the power of their voice. >> mr. sheen, why do you think people have lost their faith in government? >> i agree with what kevin said, and i do not want anyone to vote ,or me because i'm a democrat and i do not want anyone to vote for the key haley because she is a republican. we have to vote for good leaders. we had a treasurer who went to jail for drug dealing, and agricultural secretary went to jail for bribery, a governor who has pled no contest to 60 ethics violations. who would not be disillusioned? who would not be disappointed? i have grown up and traveled around south carolina. these people who are running south carolina are not the people i know in south carolina. i will be a leader that we can trust in the state again. i'm tired of being the butt of
6:53 am
late-night television jokes, and i know you are, too. south carolina deserve so much better than we have had from our leadership over these last few years. my goal is to restore integrity, trust in the leaders of south carolina, and kevin hit the nail on the head. but with all due respect -- >> i am pretty sure that we had one minute to answer that question. and i did not interrupt you, and i would appreciate you not interrupting me. >> time now for the candidates'' closing statements. you have two minutes, and we'll start with president nikki haley. >> first of all, thank you for having me -- with representative mickey hayley. >> for deval, thank you for having me here today. there is a real decision to be named. as we came to the primary, i said if you think government should be accountable for a dollar, if you think that elected officials need to remember who it is that they work for and that jobs and the
6:54 am
economy should come first, then join our movement. but if you join our movement, do not make it about a person or an election. they did about what we will do in january. you have a clear choice coming up in january. this is about what our state and country will do going forward. this is about saying no to obamacare. saying yes to a governor that will fight every step of the way, all the way to the supreme court. this is about saying no to stem as packages and bailouts that we do not need, and a governor who says yes to the fact that we will bring fiscal discipline back to our state house, we will make sure never to take any federal taxes raise unemployment and run down the debt. a business person that understands the struggles every business person goes to every day and we will work hard to strengthen the bottom line. this is about saying yes to real
6:55 am
people who know what it's like to have common sense and say the people deserve to have the power of their voice again and have the power to take over their government again. this is an exciting time in our state and country. we are going to tough times, but i will make sure we have a 10- year business plan. we will make sure what south carolina needs to be when it grows up and we will have a state that is proud. my goal is that everyone look at south carolina and say that is how you do it. thank you. >> senator sheheen, you have two minutes. >> thank you for hosting this debate. i think the voters of south carolina for listening. i ask for your support and your vote next tuesday. you know, i am not looking for a movement. i am finally looking for a governor. we need one again in south carolina. i want to be that governor for you, a governor that you can trust. this is about having government that we can trust again.
6:56 am
i have been honest with the state of south carolina, and i will be, as your governor. we are at a crossroads and the question is, are we going to continue what we have done for the last eight years, the eight years of mark sanford and nikki haley, the eight years of distrust, embarrassment, and scandal? we do not need a governor who does not pay her taxes on time, who will say something that is completely not true. we need a governor who will once again make us proud. it is written in the book of proverbs that without a vision, the people perish. i believe that is what has happened in south carolina, and my vision is of a governor who once again will travel the nation and the state to recruit jobs and industry into south carolina, a governor who is proud to be a public school graduate who wants to make sure we focus on the classroom and make sure that our teachers are paid at least as good as surrounding states. that we have discipline in our classrooms and smaller class sizes. we need basic steps to get the government working again.
6:57 am
we need to consolidate state agencies and combined programs because we cannot afford the government at south carolina had four years ago. at the end of the day, four years from now, you will look at me and i will make you proud and i will always tell you the truth. thank you, good night, and god bless you all. [applause] >> i have a quick question for each of you. do you like each other? [laughter] >> yes. >> i used to. [cheers and applause] >> it has been a contentious race, certainly, but we only senator vincent sheheen, representative mickey haley, thank you so much for being with us tonight.
6:58 am
-- representative meek e. haley, thank you so much for being with us tonight. we also think you as well for submitting those questions. we thank our voice of the voter viewers and readers and subscribers also for submitting questions for tonight's today. we also want to express a debate the round of applause to dr. fred carter here at the university. let's not bring out the president of coastal carolina university. [applause] both universities and both university presidents have been instrumental in putting on these series of debates in the primary and the general election. candidates, you have heard for a
6:59 am
lot for tonight from the two gubernatorial candidates. now it is time to have your voice heard. be a part of your government, exercise your right, and vote in next tuesday postelection. have a great night and please vote on tuesday. [applause] >> on c-span today, "washington journal" is next, live with your phone calls. later, congressional oversight panel of the troubled asset relief program. and in about 45 minut


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